Unexpected You (April 23 2013)

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My Husband Got a Family, You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly, also known as Unexpected You is a South Korean weekend family drama that aired on KBS in 2012. It centers on a working woman named Cha Yoon-hee (played by Kim Nam-joo) as her husband, who was put up for international adoption, reunites with his biological parents. Yoon-hee faces the unexpected burden of having to build a relationship with her new-found in-laws. Cha Yoon-hee (Kim Nam-joo) is a successful TV drama producer/director who marries an orphaned doctor (Yoo Jun-sang) and thereby acquires the supposed, ultimate career womans dream ? accomplished husband minus the in-laws. Her marital bliss is shattered when her husband finds his birth parents and they happen to be her next-door neighbors with whom she bickers on a daily basis, and feature not one, but three sisters-in-law, and the usual array of aunts and grandmothers-in-law. Yoon-hee realizes she has married more than she has bargained for. Once again, the stage is set for a butting of the heads between daughter and mother-in-law
Unexpected You (April 23 2013) - Part 1